My name is Adam Rubin—I'm a good writer with bad penmanship.

During the day I work as Creative Director at a New York City ad agency called Firstborn. My favorite project so far is about a 90-year-old lady who jumped out of an airplane.

Before I moved back to New York, I spent six years in Chicago making nifty ads for Leo Burnett and Groupon and playing around at The Annoyance Theater for fun.

At night I write stories for children. Dragons Love Tacos was a national bestseller but people seem to like Secret Pizza Party and the Those Darn Squirrels trilogy as well. I even made a separate "kid friendly" site with no mild profanity in the URL, specifically for picture book fans.

In my spare time, I share links on tumblr, practice brevity via twitter and maintain a delicate facade of professionalism over at linkedin.

If you find occasion, please send me an email. In the meantime, feel free to watch me do a flying somersault, fall off a roof or peruse the photo journal from my alpine motorcycle adventure.

Thanks for stopping by,