I write a variety of things but you're probably here for the picture books. That all started with the Those Darn Squirrels trilogy back in 2008. I've written eleven picture books in total, including: Secret Pizza Party, Robo-Sauce and El Chupacabras (que es bilingüe).

My newest book is called Gladys the Magic Chicken. It's an epic adventure about a dancing hen and if you think chickens are half as funny as I do, you might like this book trailer.

Four of my books have been New York Times best sellers and a handful have won some awards but one has kind of taken on a life of its own, selling over a million copies and inspiring countless children's birthday parties. It's called Dragons Love Tacos and believe me, I'm just as surprised by its popularity as you are. Maybe it has something to do with Game of Thrones.

Before the pandemic, I wrote a book called High Five. It’s a neon, rhyming, zoological, adventure about a high five tournament and I got to plug it on NPR and Good Morning America, which was nerve-racking but fun.

At this point, I should probably mention that I made a separate kid-friendly site with no mild profanity in the URL, specifically for fans of children's literature.

Before I started writing books, I did creative direction for "commercials" and "branded content" during the day and improv "comedy" at night.

Nowadays, in between writing projects, I curate and invent puzzles and games for a wonder emporium called Art of Play. We recently launched a biannual arts journal which explores the intersections between beauty, curiosity and awe.

I love creating brain teasers and frequently work behind-the-scenes with world famous magicians. In the magic world, I'm best known for redesigning classic optical illusions as functional home goods.

During the pandemic, I started a magical mystery and history tour called Bizarre Brooklyn. Come check it out if you're passing through New York!

If you'd like to hear more about my latest projects, feel free to follow me on twitter. If you have any questions, send me an email. And finally, if you've read this far down the page, you may be interested in watching me and some friends win a Japanese laughing competition.

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